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Feb 2016 - Join us on the New York & Florida Space Centre Experience, where you will visit the bright lights of the Big Apple & head to the Sunshine state!

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Our new Cosmonaut, Space & Leadership Experience at Star City near Moscow, led by Astronaut Mike Foale

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Our Space & STEM Camp - Work with Astronauts & NASA Scientists for a week & launch your experiment to the International Space Station!

  • Who Are We?

    The International Space School Educational Trust (ISSET) is a registered UK charity that was founded in 1998. The aim of ISSET is to utilise space and space exploration to inspire and motivate people of all ages to believe that they can become what they want to be. We run a range of programmes from summer schools to trips to NASA Space Centres which accommodate for students, teachers and professionals. ISSET seeks to instil an appreciation of what humans can achieve and encourage people to make something of themselves, particularly in the careers and study in STEM areas.

  • “ISSET does great work across the world. I know of no other organisation that is as effective in preparing people for future life in leadership and cutting edge careers such as space exploration, science and the technologies”

    - Jay Honeycutt, Former NASA Director of Kennedy Space Centre and President of Lockheed Martin Space Operations

    Learn more or sign-up to one of our programmes below:

  • Work with Astronauts and Scientists to launch your experiments into Space

  • Be inspired by space and science at the heart of NASA, U.S.A.

  • Learn hands on leadership with our team of Astronauts in remote locations

  • Out of this world opportunity for an Astronaut to motivate your Students

  • Inspire your pupils with the U.K.'s leading Space Camp

  • Visit U.S. schools, universities and space centres to breathe new life into your classroom

  • Train like Cosmonauts & Astronauts in Russia, Led by Astronaut Michael Foale

  • Featured Video: Mission Discovery summer school overview - filmed by 29studios