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Our new Cosmonaut, Space & Leadership Experience at Star City near Moscow, led by Astronaut Mike Foale - October Half Term

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Our Space Summer School - Work with Astronauts & NASA Scientists for a week & launch your experiment to the International Space Station

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Join Astronauts and Rocket Scientists at NASA Space Centres in:

• Florida • Houston • Washington • New York City

“ISSET does great work across the world. I know of no other organisation that is as effective in preparing people for future life in leadership and cutting edge careers such as space exploration, science and the technologies”

- Jay Honeycutt, Former NASA Director of Kennedy Space Centre and President of Lockheed Martin Space Operations

  • Work with Astronauts and Scientists to launch your experiments into Space

  • Be inspired by space and science at the heart of NASA, U.S.A.

  • Learn hands on leadership with our team of Astronauts in remote locations

  • Out of this world opportunity for an Astronaut to motivate your Students

  • Inspire your pupils with the U.K.'s leading Space Camp

  • Visit U.S. schools, universities and space centres to breathe new life into your classroom

  • Train like Cosmonauts & Astronauts in Russia, Led by Astronaut Michael Foale

  • Featured Video: Mission Discovery summer school overview - filmed by 29studios

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