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Mission Discovery Summer School

Work with Astronauts for a week and get YOUR Idea carried out in Space

This is your mission if you choose to accept it

Work with astronauts, astronaut trainers, rocket scientists and satellite experts! Compete to have an idea for an experiment built and launched to the International Space Station to be carried out into space.

Be there at Mission Discovery in August at the world famous Imperial College, London, one of the top ten universities in the world.

You will be assigned to a team to formulate an idea about what can be done in space to improve life on earth. Present your idea and compete against other Mission Discovery teams to produce the best proposal. This will be taken to the International Space Station on a Progress Mission in October 2011.

Through our partnership with the US firm NanoRacks LLC we are afforded access to the U.S. National Laboratory onboard the International Space Station.

NanoRacks has a Space Act Agreement with NASA allowing for educational projects onboard the U.S. National Laboratory




Your Support Team

Mike McCulley
former NASA

Mike was the pilot of Space Shuttle Mission ST 34 that successfully deployed the Galileo spacecraft on its journey to explore Jupiter. The Mission also involved a range of scientific experiments including mapping the atmospheric ozone, microgravity effects on plants and crystal growth in space. Mike has an engineering and Navy Test Pilot background. Following his retirement from NASA Mike went on to become President and Chief Executive Officer of United Space Alliance.
Jay Honeycutt
Former Director of Kennedy Space Centre
Jay is former Director of NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre and the former President of Lockhead Martin Space Operations. Jay is an engineer who has had almost unrivalled senior level experience with NASA in the Apollo, Skylab, Apollo-Soyuz and Space Shuttle Space Programmes. He was the Head of the team that devised simulations for Astronauts and Mission Controllers in NASA’s Apollo Moon Landings programme.
Michelle Ham
Senior Astronaut Trainer
Michelle’s experience includes having been a Lead NASA Astronaut Trainer and Instructor, an International Space Station Flight Controller, a space operations planner and a Lead Planner for the NASA Extreme Environment Operation. She has been based at Johnson Space centre, Houston, Texas and has carried out space related training throughout the world including Russia and Japan.
Ian Jones
Communications Expert
Ian is the founder of ‘Orbit Research’ a leading satellite communications company and he is also Head of Goonhilly Earth Station that supports missions into deep space. His background is in satellite communication radio design has involved the development of several new technology systems, including the world’s first satellite phone for aeroplanes. Ian has an active and innovative interest in education and the development of new technologies.
Chris Barber
Space Educationalist
Founder of the International Space School Educational Trust (ISSET) and ‘Message to the Moon’. ISSET has been developed to be the UK’s most exciting space educational organisation, running programmes in the UK, USA, Arctic and India. Chris has had extensive careers in finance and education. He is also a leadership and organisational improvement consultant.

Mission Discovery Judges:

Melanie A. Thody MBE, Director of Access and Head, Imperial Outreach

Professor Peter W. McOwan, Computer Science, University of London

Lee Crouch, Regional Officer - South East, Institute of Physics

Saralyn Mark, MD, Senior Medical Advisor NASA HQ

Stephen D.R. Harridge, PhD, Professor of Human & Applied Physiology

Rebecca Dixon-Watmough, Business Development Manager and Manager of


Mission Discovery is open to individuals, or groups / teams from Schools, Colleges, Universities and other Organisations and costs £294 + VAT per person.

As soon as we receive payment for the programme we will send out full details and a form for each participant.


Limited supervised accommodation is available at £300 + VAT.


Click here to book your place as an individual.

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To find out more about the programme and to enrol, please contact:

Julie Woodcock , ISSET
Tel: 02920 710295



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