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Comparative Education

The CEP invited teachers to carry out an investigation to compare and contrast approaches and methodologies employed in the United States and the UK.

The best INSET ever!

Gabriella Mounce, Afon Taf High School

The Comparative Education Programme is open to teachers of any discipline who are team leaders or who aspire to team leadership or increased team responsibility.

Teachers will carry out an investigation to compare and contrast approaches and methodologies employed in the United States and the UK in respect of any area of school life that they select as the focus of their study.

There are many interesting features of the US education system to observe including school leadership and improvement, behaviour management and raising the achievements of students from ethnic minorities.

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Aims and Objectives

  • The placement will enable reflection within an educational system that will provide an opportunity to take an outside view of the existing practices within the UK.
  • Teachers will be able to compare and contrast elements of learning about education in the USA with their local understanding.
  • Enrolment on post graduate certificated assessment programmes could mean the possibility of obtaining the first part of a masters degree.
  • Teachers will be able to make contacts with school and educational personnel in the USA to establish virtual and actual long term links and liaison

Why Houston?

ISSET has been involved in teacher and student education programmes in Houston since 2000.

Houston is a fascinating city within which to carry out the work. It is the fourth largest city in the USA.

It has both inner city schools and suburban schools, including dual language schools.

Houston has many of the problems and concerns of a very large multi-cultural inner city, whilst also having great optimism that these concerns can and are being overcome by inclusive policies and programmes.

Houston is the largest city in southern Texas, home to NASA's Johnson Space Centre

Houston also offers the opportunity to take advantage of the inspirational and highly motivating space programme that is based at NASA’s ‘Johnson Space Centre’, the home of Mission Control and astronaut training.

Programme Details

Houston Study Visit

School Observation & School District Input :-

  • Behaviour management
  • Attendance & punctuality
  • School ethos
  • Use of assessment information
  • Tracking student progress
  • Use of ICT
  • Wider educational development
  • Equal opportunities
  • Progression through planning
  • Personal responsibility
  • Working with ethnic minorities
  • Setting high standards
Observe and partner in teaching at Houston schools

Rice University :-

  • The achievement gap between majority & minority ethnic groups
  • Focusing on achievement of ethnic minorities
  • ‘No Child Left Behind’ programme
  • Importance of teams and team building exercise at 'Houston Museum of Natural Science'
Leadership trainees teaching their students about rocket physics

Johnson Space Centre and Aerospace Industry :-

  • How to inspire students
  • The importance of personal goals
  • High achievement for all
  • Preparing for a world of global partnership and advanced technological communication

Mentoring for :-

  • Individual difficulties
  • Develop team ethos
  • Setting goals
  • Comparison of US and UK approaches
  • Career Entry Profiles
  • Personal objectives & action plans
  • Online virtual community and support
Explore space in the classroom at NASA's Johnson Space Centre