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This was one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life and I’m so glad I got to meet some incredibly inspirational people.

Sobia Kazmi, age 15

Ken Ham

Mission Discovery has created the perfect situation to motivate, educate and connect with many young people.

Ken Ham, NASA Astronaut and Space Shuttle Mission Commander

A large picture of Ken Ham in his nasa uniform.

Jay Honeycutt

Mission Discovery is an excellent opportunity for young people, I was impressed with the rapid progress in the young people's performance. The sessions effectively captures the interest and imagination of the students.

Jay Honeycutt, former Director of NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre, Head of the Simulation Team for NASA’s Apollo Missions to the Moon and President of Lockheed Martin Space Operations

An image of Jay Honeycutt.

Lee Crouch

The International Space School Education Trust has done an excellent job in putting together such an inspiring programme.

Lee Crouch, Institute of Physics

Dr Steve Harridge

Novel ways in which we can engage and stimulate the interest of school children in science are much needed. Mission Discovery utilises the various aspects of space and manned space flight to do just this.  However, what surprised me was the number of different levels at which the students had engaged with Mission Discovery.  The ingenuity and thought that had gone into their proposed research projects was quite remarkable.  The students had clearly bonded well in their different teams, gained real confidence and seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed the week.

Dr Steve Harridge, Professor of Human & Applied Physiology and Director, Centre of Human & Aerospace Physiological Sciences, Kings College London

Michelle Ham

I really wish there had been a program like this for me to attend when I was in high school!

Michelle Ham, NASA Lead Astronaut Trainer

Debbie Hickling

Awesome. I cannot stress how special the whole package was to the seven students from The Catholic High School, Chester. They formed lasting friendships and were truly inspired by the staff from NASA

Debbie Hickling, Science Teacher

Mike McCulley

Over the years, I have been involved in many, many space camps, seminars, science fairs, etc around the subject of space flight.  Mission Discovery was, by far, the most comprehensive, interesting, and educational endeavour that I have been involved with.  For the staff and most of all, the students, it was a wonderful week that I greatly enjoyed.

Mike McCulley, former NASA Astronaut and President of United Space Alliance.

A large picture of Mike McCulley in his nasa uniform.


The week was simply incredible, I learnt a lot whilst enjoying it at the same time. Thank you to everyone involved.

Sara Rasul, age 14

Working with all the experts was so inspirational and such a unique experience - nothing else even comes close.

Serena Yuen, age 17

Great time with amazing people!

Gary Benson, age 16

This for me has been a life defining moment for me and has helped me massively

Kitto Maddrell, age 14

I would just like to thank you for such a brilliant experience. I feel that the mission discovery summer school has been one of my dreams come true, to be able to spend a week with real astronauts and sit down and talk with them over dinner. This is a memorable part of my life that I will never forget and will cherish forever.

Stefan Bennett, age 15

The week was simply incredible, i learnt a lot. Thank you to everyone involved.

Sara Rasul, age 14

It was an amazing experience, it gave me an insight, direction, and assurance of what I want to do n the future. Everyone was really friendly and helpful, and I'm so glad that I get to meet a lot of mazing people.

Salma Dwikartika, age 17

Thank you for the week as a whole, I feel as though it taught me a lot; I would love to do it gain.

Hazel Mitchell, age 13

I extremely enjoyed my time at Mission Discovery. From making friends with like-minded people to watching presentations from the astronauts. I would definitely recommend it to others

Jamie Bramley, age 17

incredible experience

Aisha Pervaiz, age 17

It was such an amazing experience, I learnt how to work well in a team, improve my leadership kills and presentation skills and overall I had a really enjoyable week.

Hannah Forbes, age 17

Absolutely AMAZING - learnt so much! Working with all the experts was so inspirational and such a unique experience - nothing else even comes close to last week :) THANK YOU !!

Serena Yuen, age 17

The course was brilliant, the mixture of life skills and science was spot on.

Hannah Carter, age 15

Mission Discovery was an amazing week which taught me more about space and the industry.

Zara Thorn, age 16

I learnt so much from the week, it taught me communication and presentation skills, as well as getting over that step of doing something by myself, and not needing that support of someone else. I also took in so much knowledge from the team too though =) Thank you for the opportunity.

Toni-Mae Rowley, age 15

A great time with amazing people!

Gary Benson, age 16

There were so many fascinating things to absorb

Thang Huynh, age 17

The week has been an impact of full knowledge and enjoyment throughout the course and I have also discovered many new and relevant skills that will be very helpful for me in the future throughout my educational period and work period.

Simran Mair, age 14

It was an incredible experience, I loved working in my team and now I want to be involved in space exploration.

Philip Hawkins, age 14

I really enjoyed the summer school experience and I definitely feel that it's made me more confident and it gave me a better idea of what I wanted to be doing in the future.

Alice Murray, age 16

I thoroughly enjoyed the week, especially the challenge of coming up with an experiment.

Joyce Nyambayo, age 16

The best part of the week was working with lots of new people and being able to share the experience with all of the Mission Discovery team.

Emily Lloyd, age 14

Really appreciated the fact we met real astronauts and my teamwork skills have improved since I have done the project.

Raphael Durand, age 16

Great, I really enjoyed it. I have learned something new everyday.

Matanda Mwale

This for me has been a life defining moment for me and has helped me massively.

Kitto Maddrell