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Kennedy Space Centre

Reach for the stars on this unique and unforgettable trip to visit the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida.

About the KSC Programme

ISSET is currently offering exciting student programmes at NASA's Kennedy Space Centre. The experience is open to pupils of all ages who wish to explore the world’s biggest and most prestigious science and engineering programme.

Image of the Vehicle Assembly Building

The KSC experience includes hands-on activities such as the Astronaut Training Experience, tours and input from astronauts and space scientists. Pupils' interest and imagination are stimulated by the prospect of humans exploring the final frontier, leading edge technology involving spectacularly powerful rockets and the superb role models of astronauts.

About the Kennedy Space Centre

The Kennedy Space Centre (KSC) is the world’s leading Spaceport. It is from KSC that astronauts were sent to the moon and someday will be sent to Mars and beyond.

These days NASA launches astronauts into Earth orbit aboard the Space Shuttle to live and work on the International Space Station. On the space station the astronauts perform hundreds of experiments to improve life on Earth and discover new ways to send humans to Mars.

Space Shuttle taking off

KSC is based in a huge wildlife reserve that is home to alligators, armadillos, manatees, and an enormous range of other wildlife. Its neighbour is Cape Canaveral, the home of the early US space programme and the current launch site for satellites and probes that explore other planets and the far reaches of the solar system.