Motivate & inspire yourself to become a better leader in YOUR classroom

ISSET (International Space School Educational Trust), in partnership with the University of Maryland invite teachers of any discipline to visit Washington schools, meet educational leaders and visit the Hubble Control Centre and Goddard Space Centre in your school holiday periods.


  • The application of space exploration to teaching and learning in the primary and secondary curriculum
  • Effectiveness of classroom pedagogies
  • Best motivational practices
  • The classroom application of ICT
  • The programme enables delegates to make contacts with space scientists and technologists as well as US educators and teachers.

    Expected outcomes of the programme

    The expectation is that the experience of working at the heart of NASA with first hand contacts with space and science experts will be an inspirational and invigorating experience. It is expected to:

  • Bring a new, exciting range of highly motivating approaches to teaching
  • Motivate the students in school to more fully engage in their studies to increase their work rate, performance and results
  • Increase the application of ICT in teaching and in the learning of the students
  • Increase the variety of the education in showing real life applications in one of the world’s most prestigious industries
  • Provide role models from space exploration who have achieved their positions through determination, having goals and dreams
  • Develop extra-curricular student activities relating to space and space exploration
  • Itinerary

    Daily talks with ISSET VIPs such as astronauts and industry leaders giving you the opportunity to learn in formal and informal settings.

    Day 1

    Departure from home, fly to Washington DC and check in to hotel.

    Day 2

    A day of orientation exploring Washington’s major monuments and sites: Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, the National Mall, the Reflecting Pool, Martin Luther King Memorial and more.

    Day 3

    The News Museum
    A brilliant interactive museum that includes highlights such as Berlin Wall, Watergate, 9/11, Pulitzer Prize and Unabomber galleries.

    The Spy Museum
    A fascinating insight into the secret history of the USA, FBI and CIA.

    School Visit

    Day 4

    Tour of the US Capital Building
    the historic meeting place of the US Congress and the most important government building in the USA.

    National Archive
    Visit the home of the original Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Magna Carta.

    University of Maryland Visit

    Day 5

    NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Centre
    NASA’s Goddard Space Centre is the home of the Hubble Telescope Mission Control. It is where Hubble and many earth observation and environmentally orientated probes and satellites have been developed.

    School Visit

    Day 6

    Smithsonian National Museum of American History
    An amazing exhibition of American life and history stretching from the founding fathers through to the civil rights movement, on to Jimi Hendrix and the making of modern America.

    Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, National Mall
    Tour thousands of historical artefacts; including the Wright 1903 Flyer, The Spirit of St Louis, the Apollo 11 command module from the first moon landings and a lunar rock sample.

    The National Gallery of Art
    A magnificent collection of contemporary and classic masterpieces from around the world.

    School Visit

    Day 7

    Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, Steven F. Udvard-Hazy
    See Space Shuttle Discovery, Space Capsules such as Gemini VII and historical aircraft and space craft landmarks.

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